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Some of My Recent Work

(The original was released on PR Newswire this morning.)

TV Search Provider Critical Mention Inks Marketing Partnership with MacNeil/Lehrer Productions
MacNeil/Lehrer Expands Paid Distribution Opportunities and Extends Brand Through Partnership With Critical Mention

New York – April 26, 2005 – Critical Mention, Inc., the leading Web-based television search and monitoring service for corporate communications and business intelligence professionals, today announced a marketing partnership with MacNeil/Lehrer Productions, producers of the PBS program NewsHour with Jim Lehrer. Under the agreement, MacNeil/Lehrer Productions will receive a partnership fee based on the usage of clips from NewsHour with Jim Lehrer within Critical Mention

Why I’m at Critical Mention

Every few years in new media, I find a consulting client whose business plan, product or service, and managers are refreshingly sharp, competent, and unusually opportune. In those rare cases, and particularly if it’s a startup venture, I’ll trade some of Digital Deliverance’s consulting fees for deferred compensation or future equity in the venture because I’m confident of its potential. And if I like the venture even more after working with it for awhile, I’ll even taken a very active stake in it by joining the venture as an officer.

That’s been the case with Critical Mention.

Its founder & CEO Sean Morgan approached me last November, via an intermediary in London, about consulting to his company. Now, after three months of consulting to Critical Mention, I’ve joined the New York City-based company as its vice president of broadcast relations to implement the solution.


What is Critical Mention? It’s a Twenty First century update of the old analog concept of a broadcast news monitoring company. Corporations hire it to monitor television news and talk shows for any mention of their corporations, products, products, and interests. It monitors all U.S. national network channels plus the local news broadcasts in the top markets.

Yet, rather than use its employees to monitor and videotape broadcast the way that traditional companies in broadcast monitoring do, Critical Mention instantly digitizes all the broadcasts. Because by law all U.S. broadcasts must all send closed captioning text streams with their videos, Critical Mention converts that stream into keyworded metadata associated with each minute of a broadcast. The result is a video news database that is searchable and can alert the moment a news or talk program mentions a corporation’s interest. Clients can then view these digitized, keyword-searchable broadcast via a secure, non-downloadable feed from Critical Mention.

Since Morgan started Critical Mention, more than 100 of the Fortune 500 companies (including 20 of the Fortune 100) have hired it to research and monitor their interests. Other clients include most major public relations firms, the offices of many U.S. senators, congressional representatives, a former president of the United States, and the federal departments of Defense, Homeland Security, and Transportation. Not bad for a two year-old company.

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