A Short List of Newspaper RSS

Tom Biro of theMediaDrop.com has compiled a list of U.S. ‘newspapers’ that offer RSS feeds. It contains: 42 daily general-interest newspapers. 54 college or university newspapers. 32 business journals or weekly newspapers. One online publishing industry commentator yesterday called it a “long” list and headlined his posting “Newspapers Have Gotten the RSS Message”. I disagree. If only… 42 of the more than 1,400 daily general-interest newspapers, 54 of the more than 900 college or university newspapers, and 32 of the more than 6,000 business journals and weekly newspapers …published in the U.S. are offering RSS feeds, then it reinforces what […]

Misconception About Widespead RSS Use By Traditional Online Publishers

Earleir this month, Rich Skrenta of Topix.net wrote about the misconception about how widespead RSS syndication is among traditional online publishers. “Only 7% of the sources Topix.net crawls have XML feeds. I’d estimate that only a few hundreds of the top 3,000 newspapers we crawl have RSS support. The rest we obtain with a news crawler which is good about finding articles on news sites, leaving behind the ads and navigation sidebars. It’s low maintenance so we don’t have to change anything everytime a site redesigns its html. “Even for sites which offer feeds, we’ll generally continue to crawl the […]

RSS: The Problem Isn't the Conveyance But What is Conveyed

ClickZ yesterday paraphrases me as saying the argument for growing audience through RSS is dubious. It’s an accurate paraphrase and the ClickZ article does report what I think. I want to fortify it. There is nothing wrong with RSS. Look, I publish a RSS feed myself. I’ve been a speaker at many conferences about how to monetize RSS feeds. I’m proud to say that in early 2000, Editor & Publisher magazine quoted me saying that RDF (as RSS was then known) would revolutionize content syndication. However, just as there is nothing wrong with RSS, there is nothing wrong with Betamax, […]