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Time To Give Away Some More Consulting Advice (3)

This is my third day of giving you what general advice my firm has been giving its clients this past year. On Monday I wrote about Immediacy and on Tuesday about ‘Multimedia‘.’ Though this advice might seem simple, you’d be surprised how many news publishers (and broadcasters) still don’t know, understand, or heed it, even after many years of publishing online.

The third component I generally tell them to do is to provide audio and video online:

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Podcasting As A Truly Unique News Format

In the early days of news via radio, someone would read newspaper stories into the microphone. In the early days of news via TV, someone would read the radio news script into the camera. It took a few years for each of those new means of broadcasting to find their own unique format (notably the addition of ‘you are there’ sound and sight actualities).

We must still be in the early years of podcasting news because most news organizations are still using podcasting as another means to delivery their existing radio or TV programming. Neverthelesss, there are a few nascent examples of podcasting creating a unique form of news delivery.

One of my favorities is the BBC’s weekly StoryFix video podcast. I’ve been watching for four months and am still not sure exactly what it is or what it’s about, but I’am fascinated watching it.

Does anyone else know of any other news organizations that are starting to create a truly unique podcasting format?

Few Know About RSS, Podcasting, Etc.

The Pew Internet & American Life Project today reports that the vast majority of Americans still have no idea what those terms RSS and podcasting mean.

Only 9% of the more than 1,300 people surveyed said they had a good idea of what the term RSS means. The rest were either not really sure (65%) or said they had never heard of RSS (26%). Likewise, just 13% said they had a good idea of what the term podcasting means.

Terms that had high recognition were spam (88%), firewall (78%), spyware (78%), Internet cookies (68%), and adware (52%).

Are the low recognition rates for RSS and podcasting simply due to faulty publicity or marketing by content producers?

SF Radio To Play Podcasts; Other Radio Stations to Stream Videos

On May 16th, Infinity Broadcasting’s KYCY-AM in San Francisco will drop its talk radio format and switch to broadcasting its listeners’ own podcasts. It’ll also stream those podcasts from the domain KYOURADIO.com Open Source Radio. Beginning today, listeners will be able to upload their podcasts of varying lengths for free at KYOURADIO>com, where podcasts will be chosen by the broadcaster. Infinity Broadcasting says that the pod programming will be determined by listener interests and feedback, and evaluated on a daily basis. Podcasting News, Wired.com, and The Washington Post provide further details.

“There is a profound shift underway in the way we use technology that allows everyone to have a voice. KYOURADIO harnesses that power by serving our listeners with content developed by them for them and offering a platform to share it with the rest of the world,” said Infinity Broadcasting Chairman and CEO Joel Hollander in a press release. The New York City-based Infinity chain operates 183 radio stations in most of the top 50 U.S. broadcast markets.

Meanwhile, another radio chain, Clear Channel Communications, plans to have some 200 of its 1,200 U.S. radio stations start streaming videos live online, Clear Channel Executive Vice President Evan Harrison, in charge of the company’s online division, told Reuters. Many of these Clear Channel stations will also let listeners download podcasts of the programming.

Clear Channel’s streaming video programs, titled Stripped, will feature artists such as Rob Thomas, John Legend, Gavin DeGraw and Jesse McCartney in exclusive studio sessions that will be streamed online in CD quality sound and television quality video, the company said.