What Obstacles Exist for Online Journalism?

What obstacles exist for online journalism? That topic will be on the minds of attendees at the Online News Association‘s annual conference next week in Manhattan. Unfortunately, the major obstacle for online journalism is the people who practice it — the best of whom will be attending the conference. Most are transplanting into the new medium the failings of the old, mass medium: the failings of traditional journalism and the failings of traditional journalism’s packaging. Journalists, whether they work in mass or new media, still tend to believe that traditional journalism and its packaging are as correct in a new […]

Those Who Cannot Remember The Online Past Are Condemned To Repeat It

Using the Online News Association’s discussion list, Jon Garfunkel of Civilities.net noted how the Ventura County Star has temporarily had to shutdown its online forums because (The Los Angeles Times reported[note: registration site]) of uncivil postings. Garfunkel asked: “Wouldn’t it be handy if there were resources available to summarize best practices with news-site commenting techniques?” Every three of four years the topic of cacophony in unmoderated, anonymous discussion forums run by news organization arises. It was much discussed and analyzed in the pre-Web days when those forums operated under the umbrellas of CompuServe, America Online, Prodigy, and other (no pun […]

New York Online News Association Meetup Group Formed

I’ve organized a New York Online News Association meetup group. It’s for New York City metropolitan area members of the Online News Association. If you work in online news media in the tri-state NYC area, please join us. Similar groups were recently formed by other people in Seattle, Minneapolis, and the District of Columbia (click those cities to find those groups). These groups meetup on the first Thursday of each month, and ours also should, though we’re frankly so new that we haven’t yet designated where. Coincidentally, the ONA’s annual conference will be held at the New York Hilton Hotel […]