Monitoring the Health of Paid Content for Physicians

My latest column for Jupitermedia’s marketing site ClickZ is online. It examines how the New England Journal of Medicine is publishing paid online content. My thanks to the quite competent Kent Anderson of NEJM and to my clients, the trustees of the Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery, who introduced me to him. A reader this morning phoned me to ask why my column mentioned Consumer Reports as a good case study of paid content when that publication only sells its contents online by subscription. She’s right, CR isn’t a good case. It’s OK that CR sells its online contents […]

The Success of Two Medical Journals Online

I?m returning to work this week after four weeks vacation. Before vacation, I had the pleasure to work with the trustees of The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery , the 117 year-old monthly, peer-reviewed journal of American orthopedic surgeons. It had been three years since I?d done any new-media consulting to the medical industry (lecturing at the National Cancer Institute on ?Using Third-Generation Online Technologies to Stimulate and Support Cancer Research?) and now see remarkable changes. Surgeons are clearly using printed medical reports less and online reports more. One reason for this change may be that they simply have […]