Chisholm States Why Charging For Newspaper Websites Is Self-Destructive

Jim Chisholm, the world’s expert about newspaper operations, tells why newspapers charging for their websites are self-destructive.

Jim Chishold to Speak at 'Beyond the Printed Word'

There are two people who have more knowledge than anyone else about how to revive the newspaper industry, and one of them is iMedia Joint Principal Jim Chisholm. As co-chairman and co-moderator of the 14th annual Beyond the Printed Word conference next month in Vienna, I’m pleased to hear that Jim has kindly agreed to speak there on the topic of newspapers’ use of video Chisholm is the joint principal of iMedia, a joint consulting venture with Ifra. He has spent nearly a quarter decade in the newspaper industry; was the commercial director of the Scottish Daily Record and Sunday […]

Excellent Overviews of Challenges Facing Newspapers in the 21st Century

We’re big fans of Jim Chisholm who is the strategy advisor to the World Association of Newspapers and the director of its Shaping the Future of the Newspaper project. But only today did we discover online his presentation (1.5-megabyte PowerPoint download) to last year’s WAN Congress in Dublin. It’s an excellent overview of the challenges facing the newspaper industry (for both newsprint and online editions). So, too is his presentation (2.3-megabyte PowerPoint download) to the Newspaper Association of America’s Connections conference last year. In each, please note the data that he presents about the importance of mobile content (SMS, etc.) […]