Today’s Watch List: 26.06.06

Consumers will soon be able to buy songs as they listen to them on digital radio in the United Kingdom; the Internet’s market share of advertising in the U.K. reached 7.2 percent; New Yorker writer Malcolm Gladwell confuses the U.S. newspaper industry with the airline industry; Slates Jack Shafer writes about The Incredible Shrinking Newspaper (Companies); and El Pais launches editions for Sony’s Playstation Portable devices.

Slate's Jack Shafer on Digital Editions

Jack Shafer of has a solid analysis of the digital editions produced by The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, and other American newspapers. His conclusion is that “these electronic editions [are] as comfortable as a fat man trapped in an iron suit designed by a boa constrictor.” I’ve long lamented (here’s a recent example) how printed newspapers must convert from broadsheet to tabloid format and how their digital editions must lose unnecessary bulk. Shafer nicely encapsulates how these problems result in lousy circulation for even the best newspapers’ digital editons: … more people attend home games […]