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Online Video Increased 80%, radio 76%, in 2004

AccuStream iMedia Research reports that the number of video streams online increased by more than 80 percent last year, for a total of 14.2 billion streams. Almost 80 percent of those streams were broadband (defined as 100 Kbps or higher).

One of the four factors cited for the growing number of video streams is that the number of broadband homes in the U.S. increased by 36 percent last year — broadband is now the predominant method of home access, accounting for 55 percent of all at-home users, according to Nielsen//NetRatings, which predicts that, if the broadband home rate continues, almost 70 percent of all U.S. home users will have broadband connections by the end of this year.

AccuStream says that music videos accounted for the greatest number of video streams (34 percent of the total), with news and information second (20 percent), and sports third (15 percent.

The report also found increased online radio usage. The average online ‘aggregate tuning hours per month’ in 2004 was 178.9 million, up 76 percent over 2003. AccuStream predicts growth in online radio use will trend ahead of video in 2005, growing 60 percent year over year.

What these increases may mean for online broadcasters should be astonishing.