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One of the most audacious New Media projects I’ve been involved with as a viability consultant is Outernet, my friend Syed Karim‘s project to bring free Internet access to more than four billion people. He plans to do this by … Continue reading

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Verizon and Google Connive To Control Internet Traffic

The Verizon-Google proposal today announced for regulating Internet traffic is as good for consumers as the Axis Pact was for the world in 1940. Continue reading

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Hundreds of American Newspapers Surrender

After nearly ten years of trying to compete against the search engines for online advertising, most major American newspaper companies have surrendered to Google and Yahoo! Continue reading

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From More Than 4,500 Sources, Just a Dozen Account for Most Google News Stories?

[UPDATE: Many of the Google’s senior engineers were attending the Search Engine World conference in San Jose, California when his posting appeared. Within ten days of this posting, Google appeared to have adjusted its news algorithm. Was that a coincidence … Continue reading

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Crawling for Local News

Last week, I wrote about Topix.net, which spiders more than 3,000 other local news sites, then lets users enter their local ZIP codes and see a page showing all local news from all local media. The San Jose Mercury News … Continue reading

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