Yes, Google is a Media Company

Can an organization be a clothing company without making its own threads? Much brouhaha has been written lately about whether or not Google is a media company. It’s the type of ontological question that tends to fascinate theologians during the medieval era or media pundits now. Most say that Google isn’t a media company because it does no original reporting. Or because it has no presses or broadcast transmitters. Although I’m sure that the self-appointed clerics of the Fourth Estate have taken great comfort in making such profound pronouncements, I’d like to add a few words from reality: Those pundits […]

Another Example of Google News' Odd Choices of Sources

Here’s another typical example (click the illustration above) of Google News‘ odd choices of news sources. It’s a snapshot from about 2000 hours UTC on 3 August 2004. Google chose the Chinese government news agency Xinhua as the most relevant source of Google News’ top two stories. Both of those are U.S. domestic stories that are much more widely, relevantly, and authoritatively reported by U.S. news organizations. In its World news section, Google selected Xinhua as the most relevant source for two of the top three World stories and chosen Al-Jazeera as the third. The Xinhua stories are datelined the […]