My Thanks to Danny Meadows-Klue

One of the few people whose New Media work I loyally follow is the British web publishing pioneer Danny Meadows-Klue. I first met Klue during the mid-1990s when he was online publisher of  The Daily Telegraph ( Since that job, he has co-founded the UK and European Interactive Advertising Bureaus (elected their president four times before serving as the first chief executive with both for four years) and has helped launch more than 20 digital trade associations and initiatives as far afield as Mexico and New Zealand. He is currently Chief Executive of, which trains sand coaches executives in digital strategy, publishing, […]

The Telegraph at Year Ten, Minus Two Pioneers

The Daily Telegraph of London is celebrating its tenth year of online publication, but without two of the pioneers who put it there. Hugo Drayton started in 1994 as marketing director the Electronic Telegraph and, largely on that success online, rose to become managing director (equivalent in America to publisher and CEO) of the newspaper itself and a member of the Telegraph’s board of directors. But he was let go last month when the Barclay brothers purchased the newspaper from Hollinger International. I interviewed him earlier this year for Online Journalism Review. Danny Meadows-Klue, trained in traditional media at United […]