Augmented Reality for Printed Publications

We’re generally not a company that emphasizes a continuing role for paper (as opposed to epaper) in the future, but we are enthusiastic about some of the Augmented Reality mobile phone applications being developed by the Dutch company Layar for use with newspapers, magazines, signboards. For example, take at look at this video about using the application with magazines: Or this more general use of the application: These apps led one acquaintance myself of ours to declare that the Cuecat scanners, a product released in 1999, was ahead of its time. Maybe so, but that’s like saying the steam-powered automobiles […]

Two Million :CueCat Scanners. Cheap!

Are you one of the publishers who thought that millions of people would use :CueCat scanners while reading printed newspapers? If so, A-Z Computer Liquidators of Anaheim, California, has a deal for you. Millions of :CueCat scanners for just US $0.30 apiece (minimum order of 500,000). Just three dimes. Far more valuable than the :CueCat online publishing plan ever turned out to be.