I'm Signing Off ClickZ

During the past 30 months for JupiterMedia’s ClickZ online marketing information site, I’ve written 39 columns about charging for online content. Writing them has been fun. The $100 honorarium JupiterMedia has paid me for each has bought some nice dinners. But I’ll no longer be writing more columns for JupiterMedia (my last column was earlier this month, about the New England Journal of Medicine). I’ll be writing new columns, but for this site. I’ve retained rights to the 39 columns at ClickZ and will soon integrate those into this site.

Paid Online Content Publishing: The Long View, Part 1

ClickZ.com today published the first of a two-part article I’ve written about the future of paid content. During the past two years at that site, I’ve written 36 columns about free-to-fee publishing, but none until now about what I firmly think the future for publishing, broadcasting, advertising, and paid content will be by 2014. ClickZ restricts these columns to about 1,000 words each, so I’ve had to write that topic across two columns, this month and next. This month’s column frames the major change occuring in media; next month’s, which will be published on September 8th, will describe the world […]