An ‘Unnatural’ Conference About Online Media Business Models

Come to a New Media business models conference in which the Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communications is inviting only speakers who we think have the answer—regardless where they are from or what they’re rank, specialists who together have all the facets of the solution and will be working in coordination with each other at the conference.

Supply & Demand and 'Unpackaging' on Newspaper Content Online

Why news publications that withold some content from online, charge for ‘premium’ online content, or give access to some online content only to print subscribers are not only failing to stem their print circulation erosion but also reducing their sites’ online growth and potential.

Editorials as Paid Content? Expert Witness about Newspaper Vending Boxes?

My company’s business is the busiest it’s been since the height of the boom in 1999, which is another way to say that we’re swamped. Or maybe swamped isn’t an apt verb because there’s no muck involved. The work onsite for my major client is growing by leaps and bounds. The online video news and video search sector of Internet media is blossoming the way that text search did ten years ago. And I’ve received a flurry of speaking engagements in various places (Los Angeles; Birmingham, England; Albany, New York; Las Vegas) during the next four weeks on various […]

U.S. Newspaper Web Sites That Charge for Access

During my absence last month, a professor of journalism e-mailed me to review and correct his list of U.S. newspaper websites that charge for access. I do have a master list of daily newspapers throughout the world that charge for access, but I provide that information only to my consulting clients. Nevertheless, here is a quick list of the U.S. daily newspaper sites. They fall into three categories: U.S. Newspaper Websites That Charge All Their Users for Access The Wall Street Journal, New York, New York, 2,106,774 weekday circulation. Post-Register, Idaho Falls, Idaho, 23,829 wkday circ. The Messenger, Madisonville, Kentucky, […]

I'm Signing Off ClickZ

During the past 30 months for JupiterMedia’s ClickZ online marketing information site, I’ve written 39 columns about charging for online content. Writing them has been fun. The $100 honorarium JupiterMedia has paid me for each has bought some nice dinners. But I’ll no longer be writing more columns for JupiterMedia (my last column was earlier this month, about the New England Journal of Medicine). I’ll be writing new columns, but for this site. I’ve retained rights to the 39 columns at ClickZ and will soon integrate those into this site.

Monitoring the Health of Paid Content for Physicians

My latest column for Jupitermedia’s marketing site ClickZ is online. It examines how the New England Journal of Medicine is publishing paid online content. My thanks to the quite competent Kent Anderson of NEJM and to my clients, the trustees of the Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery, who introduced me to him. A reader this morning phoned me to ask why my column mentioned Consumer Reports as a good case study of paid content when that publication only sells its contents online by subscription. She’s right, CR isn’t a good case. It’s OK that CR sells its online contents […]

Paid Online Content Publishing: The Long View, Part 1 today published the first of a two-part article I’ve written about the future of paid content. During the past two years at that site, I’ve written 36 columns about free-to-fee publishing, but none until now about what I firmly think the future for publishing, broadcasting, advertising, and paid content will be by 2014. ClickZ restricts these columns to about 1,000 words each, so I’ve had to write that topic across two columns, this month and next. This month’s column frames the major change occuring in media; next month’s, which will be published on September 8th, will describe the world […]