Reuters Retreats Two Years on NewsML

This past weekend, most of the stories about the online news industry focused on Associated Press President & CEO Tom Curley‘s keynote speech at the annual conference of the Online News Association. Though it was good to hear that the AP has finally realized that there’s a seismic environmental change underway in media, Curley’s speech was about AP intentions, not AP accomplishments. The American wire service has accomplished little with new media during the past ten years. A story that was under-reported weekend was Reuters‘ postponed deployment of NewsML. The British wire service (disclaimer: where I worked during most of […]

'Gaslight' AP Claims To Go 'Turbo'

Editor & Publisher magazine reports that Tom Curley, the former publisher of USAToday who is the new president and chief executive officer of The Associated Press (he’s following a Gannett senior executive career tradition), told newspaper publishers about what he calls “eAP” or “the electronic AP”. “We see eAP as a giant leap forward,” Curley said. He also told of plans to increase AP revenues by developing new business in foreign countries. “Future growth depends on repositioning AP for serving international markets and news and information audiences,” he said. We’re skeptical. The AP has long (150+ years) been called a […]