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Half of Mobile Phones Now Have Internet Access

A Mobinet report says that 49% petrcent of mobile phone users worldwide have Internet access (eMarketer has a story about it). Mobile Internet access is 80 percent in Japan, 47 percent in Europe, and 37 percent in North America. Mobinet is a project between A.T. Kearney and Cambridge University’s Business School and the survey is basd upon 4,500 mobile phone users from 13 countries. The study determined that 75% of mobile phone users use mobile data services. However, only 1% are rated ‘heavy users.’ The cost of mobile data was the primary reason (35 percent) that respondents gave for not heavily using it.

Because a major problem with North American mobile content use is the incompatibilities among some of the mobile phone networks on that content. Publishers should keep an eye on the merger this week of the InphoMatch and Mobileway. InphoMatch is an American company that provides North American networks with mobile data compatiblity software. Mobileway is a French company that provide content to mobile devices such as phones and personal assistants. The combined company have annual revenues of about USD100 million. It is positioning itself to become a gatekeeper for mobile content in North America.