3G version iPods; Satellite Radio vs. Webcasting

Speaking of 3G (below), BBC technology analyst Bill Thompson, at first skeptical of 3G, compares it against iPods and changes his mind. Among his comments: But just as the World Wide Web was the “killer application” that drove internet adoption, music videos are going to drive 3G adoption. With Vodafone now pushing its own 3G service, and 3 already established in the UK, video on the phone is clearly going to become a must-have for kids sitting on the school bus, adults waiting outside clubs and anyone who has time to kill and a group of friends to impress. 3G […]

3G Mobile Content in Ireland

Vodafone Ireland has released its pricing list for 3G broadband mobile phone customers: Unlimited access to Barclays Premiership goals, match previews and post-match interviews for ?9.99 per month. On a promotional basis, that service will be free to customers until February 2005. Full-length movies for ?4.99 and movie clips for ?2. There will also be a Movie of the Month service (this month’s movie is Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason) for ?4.99, a service which is free until February 2005. Individual clips can also be downloaded through this service for between ?0.50c and ?2, depending on the content. Vodaphone […]