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What Makes a Weblog a Weblog?

Perhaps no one knows the answer better than Dave Winer, pioneering technologist and manufacturer of one of the first and most popular blogging softwares. Winer is now on sabbatical as a fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School, where he is evangelizing Webblogs and theorizing their impact upon society. He’s also trying to define just exactly what is a Weblog..

Meanwhile, writer Mark Fraunfelder this week writes in TheFeature (a wireless content strategies site that is funded by Nokia) about Moblogging and Audblogging. Mobloggers are people who use mobile phones, not personal computers, to create text blogs. Audbloggers use mobile phones to create blogs containing not text but audio actualities of events (for example, providing audio coverage of a news event). Expect to see vidblogs soon.

Does Editing Make It 'Journalism'?

Last month, the (U.S.) Public Broadcasting Network’s NewsHour with Jim Lehrer aired a good, short broadcast [transcript & video available] about blogging. But we do disagree with something that Executive Producer Joan Connell said in it:

“One of the values that we place on our own weblogs is that we edit our webloggers. Out there in the blogosphere, often it goes from the mind of the blogger to the mind of the reader, and there’s no backup. And I would submit that that editing function really is the factor that makes it journalism. Are you making a mistake here? Do you really want to say that? Do you really want to use that word? Is that libelous? All of those basic journalism questions that we always ask.”

Does having someone edit the copy make it journalism? We don’t think so.

Blog by Phone

Hey, desk-bound bloggers: Perhaps you didn’t believe my prediction last year that there is a rising Third Wave of Online Journalism utilizing wireless technologies? Then point your mouse towards NewBay. This Irish company’s software lets cellular network customers operate weblogs from mobile phones. And in case you think that means blogging just text, note that more than 10 million digital camera-equipped phones were sold in the 3rd Qtr of 2002 and are predicted to outsell digital cameras by 2007. Soon, you’ll no longer be desk-bound.