New Media Business Course Syllabi

For the past four years, I’ve been teaching a New Media Business for media course at Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. It was originally open just to postgraduate students, but a few years ago we opened it to select upperclassmen, too. Some 250 students have taken the course. Approximately half were from the Newhouse School’s Media Management masters degree program, in which taking the course is a requirement. However the rest of the students have been from the school’s Arts Journalism, Broadcast Journalism, Communications, Graphic Design, Magazine, Newspaper, Photography, Public Diplomacy, Public Relations, and Television/Radio/Film departments. Students […]

My Thanks to Danny Meadows-Klue

One of the few people whose New Media work I loyally follow is the British web publishing pioneer Danny Meadows-Klue. I first met Klue during the mid-1990s when he was online publisher of  The Daily Telegraph ( Since that job, he has co-founded the UK and European Interactive Advertising Bureaus (elected their president four times before serving as the first chief executive with both for four years) and has helped launch more than 20 digital trade associations and initiatives as far afield as Mexico and New Zealand. He is currently Chief Executive of, which trains sand coaches executives in digital strategy, publishing, […]

The Epochal Change That The Rise of Social Media Demarcates

Whenever anyone from the traditional media industries writes, blogs, or tweets about Social Media, they miss the point. I find this so exasperating that I want to stab them with the point. Here is my thrust: When newspaper, magazine, radio, and television folks write or speak about Social Media, they consider Social Media as sideshows or separate from traditional media. They liken Social Media to bulletin boards, chat rooms, or online forums purely for social interactions (hence the name they’ve given it). This misconception is prevalent even in academia. The media school where I teach has created a new position, professor of Social […]

Today's Goodies: Cauthorn Webcast; Parks Retrospective

Today’s Goodies: A webcast of Bob ‘Thorn in the Side of the Newspaper Industry’ Cauthorn; a Gordon Parks retrospective in The Digital Journalist; brilliant coverage by the Houston Chronicle and El País; Miami Herald Miami Herald Executive Editor Tom Fiedler’s memo to his staff; Heidi Cohen on what advertisers should do now that publishers of printed periodicals are finally getting serious about shifting their business online; The Tyndall Report on ABC, CBS, and NBC news; Eight Diagram’s interviews with photographers & writers; and my beta test of Google Content Blocker.

CNN, Losing on the Air, Winning Online.

The New York Observer compares online usage data about the U.S. news networks’ websites and notes that CNN, though losing television audience to FoxNews, is trouncing FoxNews online. That’s particularly important, according to senior vice president and general manager David Payne: “The data is pretty clear. The broadcast-news ratings chart just drops and drops and drops. For cable, it’s probably less dramatic, but it’s still true. There’s just no doubt in my mind that online usage is going to dominate in the future. Whether that’s 20 years from now or five years from now, I don’t know. But it’s […]

Representative Speeches

I’m one of 23 Americans with a speech chosen for publication in the reference book ‘Representative American Speeches 2004-2005’. Its publishers chose my remarks from the ‘Reinventing the Local TV Station: Ground-Breaking Ideas from Innovative Thinkers’ panel during the Broadcast Education Association’s session at the National Association of Broadcasters annual conference last year.

First CM Deal Received Good Publicity Today

We’re pleased that the agreement we setup between MacNeil/Lehrer Productions and Critical Mention received such good publicity today. It was the top headline in MediaPost Media Daily News and in CBS MarketWatch’s Frank Barnako’s Internet Daily. Media News Daily‘s lead was particularly nice: IN A POTENTIALLY IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENT for the licensing of TV content on the Web, a major producer of public TV news programming has agreed to license its clips for use on an emerging online video search platform. MacNeil/Lehrer Productions, producers of the PBS show “NewsHour with Jim Lehrer,” Tuesday announced the agreement with Critical Mention, a Web-based […]

SF Radio To Play Podcasts; Other Radio Stations to Stream Videos

On May 16th, Infinity Broadcasting’s KYCY-AM in San Francisco will drop its talk radio format and switch to broadcasting its listeners’ own podcasts. It’ll also stream those podcasts from the domain Open Source Radio. Beginning today, listeners will be able to upload their podcasts of varying lengths for free at KYOURADIO>com, where podcasts will be chosen by the broadcaster. Infinity Broadcasting says that the pod programming will be determined by listener interests and feedback, and evaluated on a daily basis. Podcasting News,, and The Washington Post provide further details. “There is a profound shift underway in the way […]

UK's GMTV Launches Commercial MMS Services

GMTV — which promotes itself as ‘Britain’s Biggest Breakfast Show’ — has launched what NewMediaAge describes as the UK’s first commercial Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS) that circumvent UK mobile network carriers’ ‘walled gardens’ business models and delivers content directly to mobile phone users. Thrice weekly, GMTV viewers who register for the service receive messages from GMTV’s Summer Food program. Each MMS message containing four images and the full texts of five different recipes, along with cooking tips and information. Although each messages also contains an ad from GMTV sponsor Carex biopharmaceuticals, it also costs the user 25 pence, billed to […]

Pocket PC Streaming Video on GPRS and WiFi

GoConnect of Australia, which already provides streaming videos to Pocket PC mobile phone using GPRS phone networks, is also offering those videos to those users on less expensive WiFi local networks there, too. GoConnect’s m-Vision streaming service currently includes Austrialian business and sports news, horoscopes, and music videos. Earlier this year, The Age reported that some 16,000 users worldwide had already downloaded GoConnect’s GPRS streaming video application.

ABC News Switches Around-the-Clock Portals

ABC News has removed its live feed from Yahoo Platinum and made RealNetworks the only Internet hub with its around-the-clock Webcast, according to The Wall Street Journal [a paid-subscription Web site] yesterday. Yahoo Platinum will continue to offer other streaming television programs from ABC News, not the live news feed. Yahoo Platinum and RealNetworks each charge consumers subscription fees to receive webcasts. The Journal reported that ABC will get more revenue from RealNetworks than from Yahoo, plus ABC will be able to stream its video to cellphone users via RealNetworks’ RealOne Mobile Guide, a free service to mobile users.