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Vin Crosbie
(Vin Crosbie photo courtesy of Syracuse University)

Vin Crosbie‘s expertise is how new technologies affect media industries and media content. In that broad purview, he holds two jobs. Since 1996, he has been managing partner of Digital Deliverance LLC. And, since 2007, he also is an adjunct professor of Multimedia, Photography, and  Design at Syracuse University’s  S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, where he teaches postgraduate courses in New Media Business and New Media Entrepreneurship and is the school’s senior consultant on Curriculum and Social and New Media.

Folio, the trade journal of the U.S. magazine industry, called Crosbie “the Practical Futurist.” Editor & Publisher magazine, the trade journal of the U.S. newspaper industry, devoted the Overview chapter of its executive research report Digital Delivery of News: A How-to Guide for Publishers to his work. His speech to the Broadcast Education Association session of National Association of Broadcasters annual conference was one of 24 orations (including speeches by Barak Obama, George W. Bush, and Hilary Clinton) selected by a multi-university team of speech professors for publication in the reference book Representative American Speeches 2004-2005.

Last year in the drama centre of the National Library of Singapore, Crosbie gave that country’s third annual Media Lecture. He also co-moderated the Media Development Loan Fund’s biennial international Media Forum, held last year in Bratislava, Slovakia. When during 2009 the Paris-based World Association of Newspapers/Ifra, asked “ten of the world’s top newspaper consultants” to “weigh in on the soundest strategies for the future,” that organization led its resulting research report, Charting the Course for Newspapers, with Crosbie’s strategy. During 2008, when the Congressional Research Service briefed members of United States Congress about the ongoing crisis in the nation’s newspaper industry, the first person, as well as the only academic and only consultant, it quoted was Crosbie.

Over the years, Crosbie’s media clients have included Advance Publications, The Atlantic, British Broadcasting Corporation, Critical Mention, Founder Group of Beijing, Gannett Company, India Abroad, The Irish Times of Dublin, Jerusalem Post, Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery, Knight Ridder Inc., Mail & Guardian of Johannesburg, McGraw-Hill, the Media Development Loan Foundation, MediaNews Group, the National Cancer Institute, News Corporation, Playboy, PR Newswire, Presspoint, Scientific American, Thomson/RCA, TMP (,, and the New Century Network consortium of U.S. newspaper major corporations.

Before to founding Digital Deliverance, he was an executive of traditional and new media companies: Freemark Communications of Cambridge, Massachusetts, one of the companies credited by Oxford University’s Internet History Project with inventing free e-mail services (the precursors of today’s HotMail and GMail). Delphi Internet Services Corporation, the world’s first Internet service provider to consumers. Reuters, the international news service based in London.  And the original but now defunct United Press International, based in New York City. He has also held daily newspaper reporting, editing, and publishing positions, and is the fifth generation of his family in that business.

Crosbie has worked pro bono as a New Media columnist for the International News Marketing Association’s Ideas magazine; as contributing editor for the American Press Institute’s NewsFuture newsletter; as fortnightly columnist about paid online content for the ClickZ marketing website; and a founding contributor to the Poynter Institute’s E-Media Tidbits group weblog.  He regularly chairs,moderates, or speaks at major media conference worldwide about what news media needs to do in order to survive and profit during the 21st Century.

In addition to teaching a Syracuse University, Crosbie has taught business formation for the Knight Digital Media Center’s News Entrepreneur Boot Camps in Los Angeles and taught classes in Digital Media Management at the Sol Plaatje Institute for Media Leadership at Rhodes University in South Africa.

An experienced mountaineer with ascents in the Alps, North America, and Latin America, Crosbie has held a commercial guide certification from the U.S. National Forest Service and taught Above-Treeline Travel and Nordic skiing for the Appalachian Mountain Club’s headquarters chapter in Boston. He and his wife, Dr. Emma Rodríguez Suárez, have homes in Stamford, Connecticut, and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain.

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