Why I Won’t Again Judge The EPpy Awards

(Photo by John McNab)

Sent by email on July 27, 2011

Dear Ms. McIntosh:

Thank you for your company’s invitation to judge the 2011 Editor & Publisher magazine EPpy awards. I’ve been a judge of these awards each year since 1995 and a speaker or panelist at seven of the past 15 annual conferences at which the awards have been presented.

However, since Duncan McIntosh Co. Inc. purchased Editor & Publisher’s title and operations, I have become alarmed about its dearth of original reporting online about the newspaper industry, an industry itself about original reporting. Virtually all of editorandpublisher.com’s content is from publications other publications. Like many other newspaper industry executives, I’ve Twitter and RSS feeds that provide far more than editorandpublisher.com is, and far more quickly. What the newspaper industry needs from E&P magazine online is original work, not regurgitation of others’ work.

I don’t feel in good conscience that I can be associated with a publication that isn’t anywhere nearly up to the standards used to judge the online awards it presents. Please remove me from your list of past or potential EPpy judges.

Sincerely Yours,

Vin Crosbie

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