Congratulations to Elan Lohmann of South Africa

Congratulations to Elan Lohmann of in South Africa, who will chair Ifra’s 15th World Digital Publishing Conference this year. On other topics: Traffic to newspaper web sites has declined this month; approximately 80 percent of the American consumers who use magazines’ websites don’t read the print editions; Veronis Suhler Stevenson says that American consumers last year used media less than in previous years, the first first time in recent memory that the amount of time consumers spend with media has declined; and The New York Times publishes a story about what happens when a company mistakenly tries to use a new medium as a mass medium.

Are News Sites in Britain Wasting One-Third Their Advertising Potential?

Geography disappears online, except for language and culture. More and more research indicates that one-third of the traffic to news sites based in Britain comes from America. Those sites had best advertise to this audience or else waste over one-third of their sites advertising potential.

The Presses Will Be Outsourced Before Stopped

Though Business Week’s Jon Fine speculates that some major newspapers will stop their presses and publish online only, that would only make their predicament worse and many will instead outsource their printing. Why stopping the presses would be financially devastating. About the mistaken presumptions about why all newspapers need to do in order to survive is publish online. And why the San Francisco Chronicle would be better off financially if it delivered cash rather than newspapers to its readers.