Jim Chishold to Speak at 'Beyond the Printed Word'

There are two people who have more knowledge than anyone else about how to revive the newspaper industry, and one of them is iMedia Joint Principal Jim Chisholm. As co-chairman and co-moderator of the 14th annual Beyond the Printed Word conference next month in Vienna, I’m pleased to hear that Jim has kindly agreed to speak there on the topic of newspapers’ use of video Chisholm is the joint principal of iMedia, a joint consulting venture with Ifra. He has spent nearly a quarter decade in the newspaper industry; was the commercial director of the Scottish Daily Record and Sunday […]

Business Models for Newspaper Publishers conference

I criticized the American Press Institute‘s Newspaper Next project last month for wasting more than US$2 million and a year producing a “blueprint” to “transform the industry” that in reality turned out to be little more than advice that publishers should think of newspapers as things that readers ‘hire’ to perform various ‘jobs” such as telling them what’s occuring in their communities or what to do tonight. That project was just a rehash of Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen‘s book The Innovator’s Dilemma, which shouldn’t be surprising because the API hired Christensen’s consulting firm to develop the project. Newspaper […]

Travel Plans for November

I’ll be traveling during most of November, and I look forward to seeing friends and business acquaintances on these date and cities: Vienna, November 8-12, where I’ll be co-chairing & co-moderating Ifra’s 14th annual Beyond the Printed Word world electronic publishing conference London, November 13. León, Spain, November 14-17, where I’m speaking at the Spanish Daily Newspaper Association’s conference London, November 18-19 New York City, November 20-22 Montréal, November 24, where I”ll be speaking at seminar at Le Centre d’études sur les médias de l’Université Laval New York City, November 27-December 7, where on December 6 I’ll be moderating a […]

Web 2.0? How about first Web 1.0?

Today in Ad Age, Steve Rubell of Edelman’s Me2Revolution public relations practice and Micropersuation, takes newspapers to task for not adopting ‘Web 2.0’ collaboratation techniques. To thrive in the future, the newspaper will need to use the web to turn itself into a 2.0 platform where readers and advertisers working together (not journalists) create most of the value. Well, I’m still waiting for newspapers to adopt ‘Web 1.0’ techniques such as using hyperlinks within news stories. If bloggers, teenagers on MySpace, scientists, sports fanatics, pornographers, hobbyists and others who publish websites can embed hyperlinks in what they write, why can’t […]