Middlemen's Faulty Belief

If the Internet distributes information more efficiently and eliminates the middlemen, then why do so many owners and operators of traditional media — who are the middlemen — believe that they will make as much, if not more, money as the Internet becomes the primary means for distributing information?

To Blog or Not To Blog?

Singapore River   – © Vin Crosbie During a BloggerCon conference a few years ago at Harvard University, Jeff Jarvis was lecturing about why businesses should blog. Knowing that this site had been blogging, he picked me out of the audience and asked if blogging had improved my site’s traffic. I answered the question accurately. Yes, I said, it had tripled my site’s traffic. What I didn’t say was that almost all of the new traffic was from people who aren’t likely to be prospective clients because they’re not in positions to approve hiring consultants. In fact, a consultant who […]