What is 'New Media' (redux)

At the root of most publishing and broadcasting companies problems understanding and adapting to the New Medium is they actually misunderstand what a medium is. I’ve long been reluctant to explain this misunderstanding because I’ll need a long post to do so. This is it, a new version of my 1998 essay What is New Media?. It’s long, but I consider it the most important thing I have ever written except for the original essay, and hope you’ll forebear its length. I need to have this new version online because I plan to refer to it in future postings, specifically those about what radical changes that media companies need to implement.

Today's Goodies: Cauthorn Webcast; Parks Retrospective

Today’s Goodies: A webcast of Bob ‘Thorn in the Side of the Newspaper Industry’ Cauthorn; a Gordon Parks retrospective in The Digital Journalist; brilliant coverage by the Houston Chronicle and El País; Miami Herald Miami Herald Executive Editor Tom Fiedler’s memo to his staff; Heidi Cohen on what advertisers should do now that publishers of printed periodicals are finally getting serious about shifting their business online; The Tyndall Report on ABC, CBS, and NBC news; Eight Diagram’s interviews with photographers & writers; and my beta test of Google Content Blocker.

Today's Goodies: Ifra's E-Book Periodical

My favorite news site designer this side of the Atlantic is Jay Small, He is director of online audience and operations for the newspaper division of E.W. Scripps Co. and also runs his own consulting firm. Jay today reviews NYTimes.com‘s new redesign. Jay also recently made downloadable his PowerPoint slides about online audience strategy, from his recent speech at the annual America East/New Media World conference in Hershey, Pennsylvania. His slides are an excellent primer for anyone new to online audience strategy. (By the way, Nico MacDonald is my favorite news site designer on the other side of the Atlantic.) […]

NDAs Come & Go

“Free at last! free at last! thank God Almighty, we are free at last!” — old Negro spiritual. In my case, free of an unusual Non-Disclosure Agreement that expired April 1st. For the first time in a decade of full-time consulting, I had been presented with an NDA that prohibited me from writing anything for publication during the latter half of March – lest the particular client’s competitors mistakenly think that I’m writing, or even inferring, anything about what that the client is about to launch. Call the client overly cautious, but his firm is well funded, so I signed […]