R.I.P: Gibran Tueni (1957-2005)

Gibran Tueni, 48, publisher of al-Nahar daily newspaper, member of the Lebanese parliament, and the World Association of Newspaper’s board member for Middle East Affairs, was assassinated this morning in Beirut. An outspoken editorialist against Syrian involvement in his country, he had recently returned to Beirut after fleeing to Paris for his safety, along with a number of other anti-Syrian Lebanese, in August. Mr. Tueni’s armoured automobile was travelling on a mountainous road through the Christian-dominated Mekallis area of eastern Beirut during this rush hour this monring when a bomb it off the road and sent it rolling down a […]

People Contribute Record Number of Photos & Video to BBC After London Fire

People e-mailed the BBC with more than 6,500 photos or mobile phone video clips of the inferno at the Buncefield oil depot explosion yesterday. According to MediaGuardian, this set a new record for emails sent to the BBC in the aftermath of an event. After the July 7th London Underground bombings, the BBC’s yourpics@bbc.co.uk site received around 1,000 images and mobile clips from the public. MediaGuardian quoted Pete Clifton, the head of BBC News Interactive: “The range of material we received from our readers was absolutely extraordinary. Video, still pictures and emails poured in from the moment the blast happened, […]

New Media Professor Carlson Now Heads SPJ

Traveling too much during October and November, I am remiss in not yet congratulating, or even noting, the election on October 18th of David Carlson (pictured), the Cox/Palm Beach Post professor of new media journalism at the University of Florida, to president of the Society of Professional Journalists. The 98-year old SPJ electing a veteran practicioner of the new medium as president is a milestone in American journalism. In 1990, Carlson launched The Electronic Trib at the Albuquerque Tribune. The E-Trib was one of two first newspaper-operated online news systems in the world and is believed to be the world’s […]

Three Items From Digital Journalist

Digital Journalist online magazine has at least three good items this month: • Photographs and stories from the new book Unembedded. There has been much reporting on the war in Iraq by Western photographers who work ’embedded’ behind U.S. troops. However, photographers Ghaith Abdul-Ahad, Kael Alford, Thorne Anderson and Rita Leistner covered the battle for Najaf last August ‘unembedded’ and between the fighting sides • New Orleans Times Picayune photographer Ted Jackson is interviewed and gives a video tour about covering his city after its devastation by Hurricane Katrina. • And Terry Heaton discusses and diagrams how unbunded TV programming […]

E&P Laments the Meltdown to the Core

An editorial entitled Meltdown to the Core in the current issue of Editor & Publisher magazines, the trade journal of the newspaper industry, laments how that declining industry’s cost-cutting guts attempts to serve growing niches of readership and is focuses instead on just the “core” brand name daily newspapers: “Whole segments of the once-universal newspaper market, including immigrants and youth, clearly shun the metro daily ‘core product’ these days. Newspapers can either offer them something else, or abandon them to their many new and eager competitors. Not all of these experiments will prove successful, but they must be attempted. “Too […]