Sea Change in Online News

The significant thing about Journalism 2010: Who’s leading the way?, the ‘superpanel’ at the close of the Online News Association’s annual conference was that none of the experts who were invited to speak about the future work for traditional media companies. All used to, but don’t anymore. They are Neil Budde of Yahoo!, Robert Cauthorn of CitiTools, Susan DeFife of Backfence, Lockhart Steele of Gawker Media, and moderator Jeff Jarvis. Ten or even five years ago, CEOs of traditional media companies would probably have been invited to speak about the future, but the world has since changed.

Arthur Sulzberger Jr.'s Pet Plan

“Do you have an online business model to subsidize your 1,200-person newsroom?” — a question from the audience. “Yes, we’re going to kidnap users’ pets and hold them hostage.” — Keynote speaker New York Times Chairman & Publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr.‘s tongue-in-cheek response before the Online News Association annual conference this morning.

What Obstacles Exist for Online Journalism?

What obstacles exist for online journalism? That topic will be on the minds of attendees at the Online News Association‘s annual conference next week in Manhattan. Unfortunately, the major obstacle for online journalism is the people who practice it — the best of whom will be attending the conference. Most are transplanting into the new medium the failings of the old, mass medium: the failings of traditional journalism and the failings of traditional journalism’s packaging. Journalists, whether they work in mass or new media, still tend to believe that traditional journalism and its packaging are as correct in a new […]

FMH Magazine's Website Will Soon Be Advertising Hubcaps

Take the following with a grain of salt. According to Nielsen/Netratings, it’s the lists [pdf] of the 10 content categories with the strongest female and male broadband audiences in the United Kingdom during August: Among Males (694,164 surveyed) 1. Automotive Parts & Accessories (popular among 80 percent surveyed) 2. Computer & Consumer Electronics News (77 percent) 3. Adult content (76 percent) 4. Long Distance/Local Carrier/Telecommunications (75 percent) 5. Other Automotive categories (72 percent) 6. Automotive Manufacturer (72 percent) 7. Online Trading or banking (71 percent) 8. Computer/ Electronics Hardware Manufacturers (70 percent) 9. Other Computers & Consumer Electronics categories (69 […]

Leo Bogart, R.I.P. (1921-2005)

Leo Bogart, a Polish-born, former U.S. Army Intelligence officer in World War II, who later applied his talents for analysis to the media in general, and tried to reverse the decline of American media, died Saturday in Manhattan. During the 1960s, Dr. Bogart was among the first of analysts to detect and predict the since continuous declines in newspapers’ readerships, television news viewerships, and radio news listenerships. He later lamented that the print media industry wasn’t using methods of modern marketing analysis to stem those declines. He also argued that market forces shouldn’t be the only determinant of media content. […]

Today's Congratulations and Boos

Congratulations to Adrian Holovaty, Matt Thompson, and Inform Technologies. Boos to U.S. newspaper corporations for claiming that newsprint price increases are forcing them to cut staff (an excuse that Slate’s Jack Shafer roundly debunks) and boos to FIFA for banning immediate online publication or broadcast of digital images of the next World Cup.

Home Again

Ebb Tide, Greenwich, Connecticut  (click to enlarge)  – © Vin Crosbie What makes September and October major months for travel? Projects conceived during summer vacations are launched then. My travels for clients always spikes during those months. Nevertheless, I’m now home for most of the remainder of the year! My thanks to Aer Lingus, American Airlines; British Airways; the staffs of the Fitzwilliam Hotel in Dublin; Kempinski Hotel Airport Munich; MAN Roland in Westmont, Illinois; Ritz Carlton Seoul; the Korean Broadcasting System’s wonderful online language lessons; and a few other people who can’t be mentioned due to non-disclosure agreements. Unless […]

Is Yahoo public enemy No. 1 for Big Media?

That’s the subject of Mark Glaser‘s report yesterday in Online Journalism Review. Read reactions to Yahoo! New’s decision to offer original reporting. Here’s my own from Glaser’s story: Media consultant Vin Crosbie, president of Digital Deliverance, said it’s true that Yahoo doesn’t have a news culture now, but that doesn’t mean the company can’t build one. He’s bullish on Yahoo’s chances to innovate online, and says Big Media has only itself to blame for moving slowly on the Net. “Yahoo has an advantage over the legacy companies here,” Crosbie said. “It doesn’t have a legacy, it can start from scratch […]

My Thanks to the University of Skopje, Macedonia

As a little boy during the World’s Fair of 1963-4 in New York City, I first saw a prototype of what the telephone was supposed to be by the year 2000. It was supposed to be a videophone. For example, the photo below was what Western Electric Company, which made the telephone handsets for the American Telephone & Telegraph (AT&T) monopoly thought that the telephone would look like in 1997 (the silly hat was optional). For decades thereafter, telephone companies such as AT&T, British Telecom, Deutsche Telecom, and Nippon Telephone & Telegraph (NTT) planned to offer videophotos to consumers and […]