Those Who Cannot Remember The Online Past Are Condemned To Repeat It

Using the Online News Association’s discussion list, Jon Garfunkel of noted how the Ventura County Star has temporarily had to shutdown its online forums because (The Los Angeles Times reported[note: registration site]) of uncivil postings. Garfunkel asked: “Wouldn’t it be handy if there were resources available to summarize best practices with news-site commenting techniques?” Every three of four years the topic of cacophony in unmoderated, anonymous discussion forums run by news organization arises. It was much discussed and analyzed in the pre-Web days when those forums operated under the umbrellas of CompuServe, America Online, Prodigy, and other (no pun […]

Top 10 Magazine Digital Editions

More than 100 U.S. magazines, twice the number from a year ago, now count significant numbers of digital editions among their circulation figures, according to the auditing firm of BPA Worldwide. Here are the top ten as of December 2004: eWeek 65,000 among 400,100 circulations (16.2 percent) Computer Weekly 40,065 among 139,817 (28.7%) Microsoft Certified Professional 39,092 among 119,092 (32.8%) NASA Tech Briefs 31,179 among 190,428 (16.4%) Electronic Weekly 16,853 among 43,498 (38.7%) EDN 16,397 among 134,025 (12.2%) ECN 16,324 among 126,020 (13.0%) Computing 15,000 among 115,000 (13.0%) SD Times 13,997 among 51,481 (27.2%) Foreign Policy 13,804 among 103,589 (13.3%) […]


It’s sometimes easy for new business ideas to blur the line between satire and reality. An example is the following idea we conceived while mulling over new markets for podcasting. Many users of iPods and other portable audio file players seem to use those devices during their every waking hour. So, we wondered if we could develop a business plan that would motivate many of those people to use the device during their other hours: The result is a business we call Narcopoding. While you sleep, use your iPod device as a means to learn a foreign language or a […]

First CM Deal Received Good Publicity Today

We’re pleased that the agreement we setup between MacNeil/Lehrer Productions and Critical Mention received such good publicity today. It was the top headline in MediaPost Media Daily News and in CBS MarketWatch’s Frank Barnako’s Internet Daily. Media News Daily‘s lead was particularly nice: IN A POTENTIALLY IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENT for the licensing of TV content on the Web, a major producer of public TV news programming has agreed to license its clips for use on an emerging online video search platform. MacNeil/Lehrer Productions, producers of the PBS show “NewsHour with Jim Lehrer,” Tuesday announced the agreement with Critical Mention, a Web-based […]