New York Online News Association Meetup Group Formed

I’ve organized a New York Online News Association meetup group. It’s for New York City metropolitan area members of the Online News Association. If you work in online news media in the tri-state NYC area, please join us. Similar groups were recently formed by other people in Seattle, Minneapolis, and the District of Columbia (click those cities to find those groups). These groups meetup on the first Thursday of each month, and ours also should, though we’re frankly so new that we haven’t yet designated where. Coincidentally, the ONA’s annual conference will be held at the New York Hilton Hotel […]

Why I Won't Be at NEXPO 2005

I’d attended the Newspaper Association of America’s Connections newspaper website conference during each of the past ten years (it was originally and is again a side conference held during the NAA’s annual NEXPO newspaper exposition). However, I let my membership lapse during the past few years because I no longer saw sufficient value in NAA membership. As a non-member, I paid a higher registration fee to attend Connections during the past few years. Members paid about about $650 (NAA New Media Federation members paid $575) and non-members paid about $1,100. Not so coincidentally, the NAA annual membership fee for a […]

Editorials as Paid Content? Expert Witness about Newspaper Vending Boxes?

My company’s business is the busiest it’s been since the height of the boom in 1999, which is another way to say that we’re swamped. Or maybe swamped isn’t an apt verb because there’s no muck involved. The work onsite for my major client is growing by leaps and bounds. The online video news and video search sector of Internet media is blossoming the way that text search did ten years ago. And I’ve received a flurry of speaking engagements in various places (Los Angeles; Birmingham, England; Albany, New York; Las Vegas) during the next four weeks on various […]

The Digital Edition Dirigibles

At the highest inhabitable level of the Empire State Building in New York City is something redolent of the University of Missouri’s new EmPRINT digital edition project. When the Empire State Building was designed in the late 1920s, architects gave its top floor a function that nowadays makes sense only in retrospect of their knowledge of what was then the highest technology in transportation media. The architects gave it a dirigible docking port. Read the history of aviation until 1930 and you might understand why the architects’ belived that lighter-than-air crafts were the transportation medium of the future. For nearly […]