What They, Not the Publisher, Want

What’s more important to a media company nowadays: A CMS (Content Management System) or a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system? Publishers will tell you that CMS is. But they will be wrong. Legacy media companies (newspapers, magazines, and TV and radio stations) are looking for the best system to display their content to all online users. However, what they really need is to know what each of their consumers specifically needs and to deliver that specific content to each consumer. That

The Two Types of People in New Media

“There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who believe there are two kinds of people in the world and those who don’t.” –Robert Benchley, American Humorist (1888-1946) There are two types of people who work in the new media industry: Those who are attempting to adapt their old media companies to the realities of new media and those in startup companies who are utilizing the realities of new media. The former have the more secure and the more difficult jobs. The latter have the less secure and kess difficult jobs. Which type would you prefer to be?

Why I’m at Critical Mention

Every few years in new media, I find a consulting client whose business plan, product or service, and managers are refreshingly sharp, competent, and unusually opportune. In those rare cases, and particularly if it’s a startup venture, I’ll trade some of Digital Deliverance’s consulting fees for deferred compensation or future equity in the venture because I’m confident of its potential. And if I like the venture even more after working with it for awhile, I’ll even taken a very active stake in it by joining the venture as an officer. That’s been the case with Critical Mention. Its founder & […]

Talbott Leaves Editorship of Now Profitable Salon

Congratulations to David Talbott, who weathered the storm of the dot.com bust and guided his baby Salon.com to profitability. The New York Times today reports (registration site) that he’s now stepping down as its editor-in-chief but retaining the title of chairman. He’ll be replaced as editor by Joan Walsh, his longtime deputy. Salon will also announce its first profitable quarter, a profit of $400,000 on revenues of $2.2 million. The online magazine now has 88,000 subscribers paying an average of $7.50 a quarter, plus had $2.2 million in advertising revenues last quarter. Salon lost $1.2 million last year, but is […]

The Rising Popularity of Video News Online

Finally, a report (PDF format)) from the Online Publishers Association about which I agree! Its study of 27,841 Internet users on 25 of its members sites found that watching video online is becoming increasingly popular and that news videos were the most popular form of that content. Twenty seven percent of those users view online video at least once per week and five percent of them view it daily. A majority of users (51 percent) watch video online at least once per month. Perhaps because worktime is for work, online video viewers were more likely to watch from home than […]

WAN-IFRA Merger Off

Merger talks between two of the world’s largest newspaper associations have broke off. For the past months, the World Association of Newspapers and Ifra had been discussing merger, but this morning WAN announced that talks had ceased, at least for the foreseeable future. Neither WAN nor Ifra said why. “Both associations agreed to continue close cooperation and expressed the hope that circumstances would allow them to re-open discussions on a merger at a future date,” wrote WAN spokesman Larry Kilman. WAN, based in Paris, represents 72 national newspaper associations, plus 13 national news agencies, nine regional press organizations, individual newspaper […]

Online Video Increased 80%, radio 76%, in 2004

AccuStream iMedia Research reports that the number of video streams online increased by more than 80 percent last year, for a total of 14.2 billion streams. Almost 80 percent of those streams were broadband (defined as 100 Kbps or higher). One of the four factors cited for the growing number of video streams is that the number of broadband homes in the U.S. increased by 36 percent last year — broadband is now the predominant method of home access, accounting for 55 percent of all at-home users, according to Nielsen//NetRatings, which predicts that, if the broadband home rate continues, almost […]