Reorganization for Belo Interactive

Earlier this month, Wes Jackson was promoted vice president and general manager of Belo Interactive, replacing Eric Christensen who at the end of this year will leave the company for another venture. Jackson had been vice president of sales for Belo Interactive. ClickZ today reports how Belo Interactive is being consolidated into its parent company, reducing its headquarters staff in Dallas and shuffling others into to the offices of Belo’s various flagship divisions. Belo Chairman Robert Decherd first announced the change at last week’s Credit Suisse First Boston Media Week Conference in New York City. Highlights of the ClickZ story: […]

Garry Kebbel Laid Off

Without being laid off or fired, you can’t legitimately claim to be a guru in the online news industry. It’s like getting bloodied in battle. For example, I think 2000 was the year when Steve Yelvington, Howard Finberg, and Leah Gentry were each laid off by their respective employers. You’d think that the most competent people would be the last to be let go, not among the first? Add Gary Kebbel to that list. For the past several years, he was news director of America Online, the world’s single largest provider of online news (up to 24 million news users […]

Hey, You Guys Who Run U.S. Newspaper Chains!

Hey, Tony Ridder! Yes, and you, Doug McCorkindale! Don Newhouse! And the rest of you guys who run large chains of U.S. newspapers! I know that each day you read The Wall Street Journal because you think that its stock market coverage is the bible of the newspaper industry (even you, Don, whose company isn’t public). Are you good old boys tired of reading Journal articles like Wednesday’s ‘Newspaper Woes Are Black and White‘? (Sorry, guys, but in case you forgot to read that article in print, you’ll have to register to read it online. Remember to fill in honestly […]

New-Media Newspaper Activity in Japan

Japan has 102 daily newspapers. Here is a snapshot of their new-media activities: 83 operate website 26 also provide video on those websites 39 have e-mail editions 39 syndicate contents others companies’ sites 36 provide services (such a teletext) on cable television 16 provide teletext service to mobile phone  4 provide digital editions online (My thanks to the Japan Newspaper Publishers & Editors Association for this information)

Hitachi to Sell Unrollable E-Paper in 2006

Hitachi plans to begin selling a color-capable electronic paper in 2006. Rather than use organic light-emitting (OLED) diodes, the way that Philips’ e-paper does, Hitachi’s device will use a liquid crystal displays (LCD) 3-centimeters thick and equipped with a special panel that has doubles the noral light reflectivity of LCDs. Hitachi showed a 7-inch prototype, said the device is capable of showing an image bright enough for easy viewing without using a backlight, and can display a high-resolution image for several months on commercially available lithium ion battery cells. Unlike Philips e-paper, the Hitachi device can’t display video. Nor can […]

3G version iPods; Satellite Radio vs. Webcasting

Speaking of 3G (below), BBC technology analyst Bill Thompson, at first skeptical of 3G, compares it against iPods and changes his mind. Among his comments: But just as the World Wide Web was the “killer application” that drove internet adoption, music videos are going to drive 3G adoption. With Vodafone now pushing its own 3G service, and 3 already established in the UK, video on the phone is clearly going to become a must-have for kids sitting on the school bus, adults waiting outside clubs and anyone who has time to kill and a group of friends to impress. 3G […]

3G Mobile Content in Ireland

Vodafone Ireland has released its pricing list for 3G broadband mobile phone customers: Unlimited access to Barclays Premiership goals, match previews and post-match interviews for ?9.99 per month. On a promotional basis, that service will be free to customers until February 2005. Full-length movies for ?4.99 and movie clips for ?2. There will also be a Movie of the Month service (this month’s movie is Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason) for ?4.99, a service which is free until February 2005. Individual clips can also be downloaded through this service for between ?0.50c and ?2, depending on the content. Vodaphone […]

OK, So What Will Be A Good Use of RSS for News Publishers?

[UPDATE: Some blogs which have linked to this item call it my vision of the newspaper of 2010. Calling it that is inaccurate. I believe that e-paper devices will be in common use by 2010 and that consumers will use these device for reading books, magazines, business reports, grocery lists, homework, etc. But whether or not the newspapers industry will take advantage of this by 2010 and make newspapers available on these devices is very much an intangible. Perhaps a few individual newspapers will, but I now don’t see much concerted work by the majority of the newspaper industry or […]

AOPUK Discussion of RSS

Since writing my posting earlier today about RSS, I’ve chanced to read the UK Association of Online Publishers’ story about its forum last Friday entitled ‘Making a success of RSS‘. That story is unfortunately an example of the hype and reportorial dynamics that I mentioned in my earlier posting. It’s headlined ‘Email is dead: long live RSS!’, probably because it quotes Drew Cullen, editor of the tech news site The Register, saying:

Nico MacDonald on Web Design

Netimperative features an interview with Nico MacDonald, author of the excellent book What is Web Design. An excerpt: “The most common, if understandable, mistake is to assume that the Web is the best medium to use. In reality the PC-based Web browser is almost never the best platform on which to realise a client’s objectives. The PC is already overloaded with tasks, browsers are clunky, interaction models are limited, even laptops have only limited portability and connectivity, and screens represent a very small window on the world. But the bigger issues is the lack of innovation and investment beyond the […]

A Short List of Newspaper RSS

Tom Biro of has compiled a list of U.S. ‘newspapers’ that offer RSS feeds. It contains: 42 daily general-interest newspapers. 54 college or university newspapers. 32 business journals or weekly newspapers. One online publishing industry commentator yesterday called it a “long” list and headlined his posting “Newspapers Have Gotten the RSS Message”. I disagree. If only… 42 of the more than 1,400 daily general-interest newspapers, 54 of the more than 900 college or university newspapers, and 32 of the more than 6,000 business journals and weekly newspapers …published in the U.S. are offering RSS feeds, then it reinforces what […]

Digital Newspaper Strategies at the Financial Times

A month ago, I’d mentioned Nigel Pocklington‘s appointment to the newly created role of director of online publishing for the Financial Times. From London, Kieren McCarthy points me to an article he wrote today in The Independent about Pocklington’s role at and thoughts about paid content and also publishing to handheld mobile devices. This good article also quotes the thoughts of Simon Waldman of The Guardian and Annelies van den Belt of the Times, and Alex White of the UK Association of Online Publishers about some of those same subjects. Publishing to handheld devices is already beginning to transform […]

Crowning the 'Number One" Online Activity: Change the Channel

The Online Publishers Association often induces statistics to prove that content is king online. This association’s first attempt was two years ago, when it released statistics that purported to show U..S. consumers spent $675 million for online content in 2001, a 92 percent increase over the previous calendar year. To generate such ‘newsworthy’ statistics, the newspaper and magazine publishers and news broadcasters who comprise the OPA conflated their definition of ‘consumer online content’ to include business-to-business online research (such as Internet industry reports purchased from, professional reports (such as wiring reports from the Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers’ […]

U.S. Newspaper Web Sites That Charge for Access

During my absence last month, a professor of journalism e-mailed me to review and correct his list of U.S. newspaper websites that charge for access. I do have a master list of daily newspapers throughout the world that charge for access, but I provide that information only to my consulting clients. Nevertheless, here is a quick list of the U.S. daily newspaper sites. They fall into three categories: U.S. Newspaper Websites That Charge All Their Users for Access The Wall Street Journal, New York, New York, 2,106,774 weekday circulation. Post-Register, Idaho Falls, Idaho, 23,829 wkday circ. The Messenger, Madisonville, Kentucky, […]