Contacts in London?

I’ll be in London this Sunday through Thursday on business. I’d like to meet some of the Londoners in new-media about who I’m read or heard. If you’re one of them and care to have a pint with me then, please feel free to contact me. — Vin Crosbie

I'm Signing Off ClickZ

During the past 30 months for JupiterMedia’s ClickZ online marketing information site, I’ve written 39 columns about charging for online content. Writing them has been fun. The $100 honorarium JupiterMedia has paid me for each has bought some nice dinners. But I’ll no longer be writing more columns for JupiterMedia (my last column was earlier this month, about the New England Journal of Medicine). I’ll be writing new columns, but for this site. I’ve retained rights to the 39 columns at ClickZ and will soon integrate those into this site.

My 'Individualization of Content' Speech at APME

I spoke Saturday as the final speaker at the Associated Press Managing Editors annual conference, in Louisville, Kentucky. The conference’s subject that day’s was Newsrooms of the Future: Blueprints for Editors and Readers. Among the nine other speakers, Belden Associated President Sammy Pappert (a story about his speech) and President Alan Nelson (text of his speech) were particularly good. My chosen topic was individualization of content. It’s not a topic that many newspaper editors care to consider. If anyone would like to see my slides for the speech, you can read my narration in the slides’ PowerPoint’s ‘Notes’ view.

Misconception About Widespead RSS Use By Traditional Online Publishers

Earleir this month, Rich Skrenta of wrote about the misconception about how widespead RSS syndication is among traditional online publishers. “Only 7% of the sources crawls have XML feeds. I’d estimate that only a few hundreds of the top 3,000 newspapers we crawl have RSS support. The rest we obtain with a news crawler which is good about finding articles on news sites, leaving behind the ads and navigation sidebars. It’s low maintenance so we don’t have to change anything everytime a site redesigns its html. “Even for sites which offer feeds, we’ll generally continue to crawl the […]

US Magazine to Launch Free/Paid SMS Celebrity News Service

US Magazine later this month will launch a subscription SMS service for celebrity junkies, reports Technology Marketing magazine. US is targeting this service at educated, relatively affluent, North American women with an average age of 32 who live in metropolitan areas. Called ‘US to the Minute’, the text messaging service will send breaking entertainment news headlines free of charge to subscribers mobile phones. Subscribers can then pay either 50 cents to see a full story behind a headline or else $3.99 monthly for all stories. Verizon Wireless, Cingular Wireless, AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile, Nextel, Boost, and others wireless carriers have signed […]

Monitoring the Health of Paid Content for Physicians

My latest column for Jupitermedia’s marketing site ClickZ is online. It examines how the New England Journal of Medicine is publishing paid online content. My thanks to the quite competent Kent Anderson of NEJM and to my clients, the trustees of the Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery, who introduced me to him. A reader this morning phoned me to ask why my column mentioned Consumer Reports as a good case study of paid content when that publication only sells its contents online by subscription. She’s right, CR isn’t a good case. It’s OK that CR sells its online contents […]

Changing My Business Card

By November 18th, I’ll have been consulting full-time to the online news industry for eight years. That work has taken me around the world several times and given me clients on four continents. I’m proud of it. I’m likewise proud that my livlihood since 1996 has come solely from the net profits of my consulting invoices, living without any salary or paychecks. Yet, I’ve become bored with running an online publishing industry consulting company. Eight years is enough. I’ve felt this way for about year, and its now time to move on. I’ve four reasons: First, I’m simply tired of […]

RSS: The Problem Isn't the Conveyance But What is Conveyed

ClickZ yesterday paraphrases me as saying the argument for growing audience through RSS is dubious. It’s an accurate paraphrase and the ClickZ article does report what I think. I want to fortify it. There is nothing wrong with RSS. Look, I publish a RSS feed myself. I’ve been a speaker at many conferences about how to monetize RSS feeds. I’m proud to say that in early 2000, Editor & Publisher magazine quoted me saying that RDF (as RSS was then known) would revolutionize content syndication. However, just as there is nothing wrong with RSS, there is nothing wrong with Betamax, […]

Most Major U.S. Newspaper Chains Now Have E-Mail Publishing Operations

Congratulations for the Gannett corporate staff for selecting — after more than three years of deliberations— an e-mail publishing vendor for USA Today and for all Gannett newspapers and TV stations in North America. Gannett’s ‘quick’ selection is significant for two reasons: First, it means that now almost all major U.S. newspaper chains have finally begun e-mail publishing operations. Gannett is the largest U.S. chain and the last to do so. Knight Ridder, Advance Publications, Tribune, New York Times, Post-Newsweek, Media News Group, and Media General already have such operations underway. This leaves Hearst and Cox as the only chains […]