NYT Interactive E-Mail about U.S. Presidential Campaign

“In case you missed any of these important stories, here are the Top 10 Most Read Articles from our Campaign 2004 section for the month of July (as of 11 a.m. ET, July 28).” So says the greeting on this e-mail from The New York Times (click the thumbnail image at left to see the full-sized GIF of the e-mail). It’s an excellent editorial use of e-mail publishing. The e-mail provides its recipients with headlines and links to the ten most read political stories in July from the newspaper’s Web site, and it features a color-coded map of the U.S. […]

We Seek Information About Professional Journals That Have Markedly Increased Their Online Revenues

If you are aware of case studies about how professional scientific or medical journals have been able to increase their online revenues, please contact us. Last month, we queried the Online News listserv about that and received a few replies, but none cogent. Among our new clients is the world’s preëminent orthopaedic scientific journal in print. Our assignment is to increase its online revenues without debasing its ethical and professional standards.