What If They Gave A Party and No One Came?

Yes, the Newspaper Association of America setup a group weblog for attendees of its Connections online publishing conference and none of them used it. So what? Did anyone really expect it to be used? Last November, a group weblog that the Online News Association provided to attendees of its annual meeting was heavily used. However, that was a group weblog for a meeting of journalists — people who like to write. whose jobs are to write, who like to report what occured. It should have been no surprise that the ONA group weblog was heavily used. By contrast, Connections is […]


When publishers wants more data about online consumers but many consumers don’t want to disclose data, a technological arms race results. Now that many online publications are requiring that consumers register before reading, it shouldn’t be surprising that some online consumers are developing applications to avoid that. The latest is BugMeNot.com. This Australian Web site lets consumers anonymously share active usernames and passwords for more than 130 forced-registration sites. “BugMeNot.com was created as a mechanism to quickly bypass the login of websites that require compulsory registration and/or the collection of personal/demographic information (such as the New York Times),” its FAQ […]

Traffic from Mizzou

We’re receiving a relatively large amount of Web traffic from the University of Missouri this month, most of it visiting an article we wrote for the November 2001 edition of IDEAS magazine (the journal of the International Newspaper Marketing Association).The subject of that article was why news (particularly newspaper) Web sites aren’t profitable from news. Would someone from Mizzou please tell us which academic class is using that article in its syllabus? That article is a bit dated (though still apt), having been superceded by other presentations we’ve made that are available online.

Top US News Sites for December 2003

News Site(source: Nielsen//Netratings) Unique Audience (000) Time Per Person (hh:mm:ss) CNN 19,970 0:32:17 MSNBC 19,629 0:18:10 Yahoo! News 18,134 0:27:30 AOL News 15,027 0:40:09 Gannett 9,685 0:13:24 NYTimes.com 9,549 0:37:21 Knight Ridder Digital 8,171 0:13:29 IBS 8,124 0:13:34 Tribune Newspapers 7,755 0:14:54 ABCNEWS Digital 7,188 0:13:55 USATODAY.com 5,642 0:21:03 washingtonpost.com 5,115 0:22:15 Hearst Newspapers 5,109 0:15:28 Associated Press 4,799 0:05:47 Fox News 4,529 0:32:42 CBS News 4,327 0:06:38 MSN Slate 4,254 0:08:56 BBC News 3,759 0:09:40 Advance Internet 3,526 0:15:16 WorldNow 3,482 0:08:56 What we find particularly interesting are figures for the aggregate total time spent that month by the […]

Paid Content Presentations in London

Next week in London, Anne Ridyard (top left), the associate publisher at IDG magazines in the UK, and Richard Withey (right), global director of interactive media for Independent News & Media Plc, and managing director of Independent Digital (UK) Limited, will give presentations about charging for online content. Ridyard will speak about how IDG has implemented a mix of micropayment, online subscriptions, and digital magazine delivery for sites such as Macworld and Digit in the business to

Excellent Overviews of Challenges Facing Newspapers in the 21st Century

We’re big fans of Jim Chisholm who is the strategy advisor to the World Association of Newspapers and the director of its Shaping the Future of the Newspaper project. But only today did we discover online his presentation (1.5-megabyte PowerPoint download) to last year’s WAN Congress in Dublin. It’s an excellent overview of the challenges facing the newspaper industry (for both newsprint and online editions). So, too is his presentation (2.3-megabyte PowerPoint download) to the Newspaper Association of America’s Connections conference last year. In each, please note the data that he presents about the importance of mobile content (SMS, etc.) […]

'Ding-dong, the witch is dead,' crowed an IM sent from AOL's offices

In today’s Internet Advertising Report, Rebecca Lieb tells of how AOL’s sales staff tape recorded the amazing tirades of their now departed boss Lisa Brown because Brown would later deny making such tirades. Lieb reports: In them, she repeatedly launches into obscenity-laced tirades, personally insults senior executives in her group, and at one point, pounds her shoe on the table, Khrushchev-style, when a creative director from a longtime AOL vendor speaks out of turn. It sounds like Brown’s departure was best for everyone at AOL.

Another Fray Over Trademarking Keywords

Are keywords trademarkable? Add another case to that fray. The 9th Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals has reinstated Playboy Enterprise‘s lawsuit against America Online’s Netscape subsidiary. The lawsuit, first brought in 1999, claims that Netscape infringed and diluted Playboy’s trademark by presenting ads for rival companies when users entered ‘playboy’ or ‘playmate’ as keywords. Playboy claims that users could wrongly assume that the banner ads — especially those that were poorly labeled or unlabeled — were associated with Playboy. Excite, which filed for bankruptcy protection in 2001, is also named as a defendant in the case because its […]

Chinese Internet Brings Some Justice

On the front page of The New York Times (registration site) today, there is an excellent report about how average people in China are beginning to use the Internet as a means to demand — and sometimes get — justice from their legal system. The Peoples Republic of China nowadays has the world’s second largest population of online users (the US has the largest).

Guardian and Observer Digital Editions

We agree with the favorable review by Kieren McCathy in The Register of the beta versions from The Guardian and The Observer of London. A consumer doesn’t first need to download any software. Each page of the newspaper appears on the screen in its original printed colors and format. Clicking your mouse on a story opens a popup box with an enlargement of the story. As McCathy notes, “The navigation is surprisingly easy.” Like McCathy, we’re particularly impressed that Guardian Limited on its own created the system