US Wireless Penetration to Reach 50% This Year

The Yankee Groups predicts that US wireless penetration will reach nearly 50 percent by the end of this year. “North Americans now treat wireless like a utility rather than a novelty,” and that “With the current state of wireless competition, it is only a matter of time before unlimited calling plans are available nationwide,” the company said. Although that would seem to be a boon for US consumers, Yankee Group Wireless/Mobile Services Program Manager Roger Entner believes it might not. “The U.S. wireless industry is facing the threat of becoming like the airline industry with high fixed costs, low variable […]

The Differences Between UK and US Magazine Business Models

M.10 reports the contrast between UK and US magazine business models. The basic differences are that UK magazines have (1) less staff than US magazines and (2) operate under the control of a general manager who runs the magazine’s advertising, distribution, editorial and strategy, and who responsible for profit and loss, unlike the US model in which advertising, distribution, editorial, and strategy each report to difference honchos at the the corporate level. “The European model is better because it makes it more of a team, with one agenda and one,” M.10 quotes Dennis Publishing President Stephen Colvin, whose launch of […]

Micropayments Conference; November 3rd, NYC

We’ll be moderating the online publishing panel at the Micropayments Conference on Monday, November 3rd, in New York City. Because this conference is being organized by Peppercoin, a micropayments system vendor, we were initially skeptical that this conference would become a sales pitch by that one vendor. But, having examined the program, we think Peppercoin is organizing a worthwhile event. Among the speakers and panelists: the CTO of Sun Microsystems, the COO COO & executive producer of, the New Media manager of VIBE/SPIN Ventures, the executive editor of, the SVP & GM of Nickelodeon Online, the CFO of […]

'Rich Media' Spending Up, But so are Advertisers' Concerns

Pam Parker writes in the Internet Advertising Report that American advertisers intend to increase the amount of money their spending on ‘rich media’ (i.e., ads containing audio, video, JavaScript or Flash animations, etc.) online ads, but that they are still concerned about whether this spending is worth it. Among the 579 U.S. advertising executives that Jupiter Research last month interviewed, 42 percent said they planned to spend between 1 to 19 percent of their online advertising dollars on ‘rich media’ (only 36 percent said last year’s spending was in that range). Another 17 percent of advertisers said they would spend […]

Skepticism Widens About OPA Report

Skepticism widens about the Online Publishers Association‘s latest report about the growth of American consumers’ purchases of online content. Clay Shirky, Rafat Ali, Barry Parr, and Rich Gordon echo the criticisms we began making a year ago, and recently reiterated, about the OPA reports’ methodology and accuracy.

Poge: 'Better Off Without E-Mail?'

E-mail users are always aggravated at having to delete spam, possible viruses, irrelevant forwardings, and friends’ mass mailings of insipid jokes. However, David Pogue, Circuits columnist for The New York Times, points to an overreaction: John Caudwell, chairman of the Phones 4U chain of mobile phone stores in the UK, has banned his 2,500 employees from sending any internal e-mails. Mr. Caudwell says he wants his employees to communicate by phone or face-to-face. He claims this will save each employee a daily average of three hours reading or sending e-mail and calculates this will increase his company’s productivity by approximately […]

Nielsen//Netratings for August 2003

Here are Nielsen//Netratings figures for US average consumer home usage of the Internet last month: Number of Sessions/Visits per Month: 31 Number of Domains Visited per Month: 53 Time Spent per Month: 26 hrs. 15 mins. 23 sec. Average Time Spent per Usage of Web: 32 mins. 58 secs. Average Time Spent per Domain Visited: only 55 seconds! Using basic math, we can see that the average American user of the Internet Web surfed on the average of daily, spending about 42 minutes per day. He visited almost two domains per Web surfing session, spending about 32 minutes on each […]

Fleet Street's Media History Ends

After half a millennium, London’s Fleet Street media history is at and end. Reuters, the only remaining English-language news organization still based in London’s legendary media thoroughfare, is preparing to sell its No. 85 Fleet Street offices and move miles down the Thames. That address still houses its corporate headquarters. According to the Guardian, Reuters, facing financial cuts in light of declining business, will move it headquarters to Canary Wharf, where most of Reuter’s London operations are already based due to lower real estate costs and better telecommunications facilities. Reuters hopes to earn

More on E&P's Decline

Our two recent posting about what really may have motived Editor & Publisher magazine to switch from weekly to monthly print publication led the magazine’s Publisher Chaz McKeown to e-mail us information to show that E&P is a very healthy and competitive print publication. Chaz McKeown is one of the most hard working and dependable trade journal publishers who we know. He rightly points out that E&P won Jesse H. Neal National Business Journalism Awards in 2001 and 2003 for Best Staff-Written Editorial content. He also notes that E&P Editor Greg Mitchell was awarded a McAllister Editorial Fellowship this year. […]

OPA's Continuous Spin on Paid Content Figures

The Online Publishers Association has released its latest hope-filled and hype-filled update of its questionable figures about the growth of paid online content in the US. We write the monthly Publishing: Free to Fee columns for JupiterMedia’s, so we think we have a modicum of knowledge about online paid content. So, last year when the ONA began releasing its ‘paid content’ growth report, we lambasted their methodology. We still stand by that. Although the OPA’s membership consists of,, Belo Interactive, CBS MarketWatch, CNET Networks, CondéNet, Cox Enterprises,,,, Internet Broadcasting Systems, Knight Ridder Digital, Le […]

Editing Blogs or Censoring Blogs?

Some general comments about whether or not blogs should be edited: The blogging community often mistakes the word editing for the word censoring, and gets all atwitter. There is nothing wrong with editing a blog or any other published writing. Editing involves making sure that every word and name is correctly spelled; that the writing makes grammatical sense (except where grammar and syntax might be loosened for stylistic reasons); and making sure that no one is unintentionally either libelled or defamed. News media also likewise edit to make sure all facts and quotes are true. There is nothing wrong with […]