'Gaslight' AP Claims To Go 'Turbo'

Editor & Publisher magazine reports that Tom Curley, the former publisher of USAToday who is the new president and chief executive officer of The Associated Press (he’s following a Gannett senior executive career tradition), told newspaper publishers about what he calls “eAP” or “the electronic AP”. “We see eAP as a giant leap forward,” Curley said. He also told of plans to increase AP revenues by developing new business in foreign countries. “Future growth depends on repositioning AP for serving international markets and news and information audiences,” he said. We’re skeptical. The AP has long (150+ years) been called a […]

More Practical Than An Air Guitar

Former banking and securities lawyer turned novelist and inventor R. Douglas McPheters has patented, demonstrated, and begun commercializing holographic keyboards and keypads. That’s right, nothing to touch. Use your fingers to type on a projected image of a keyboard. Or, while driving, dial a number by punching a phone keypad projected above your dashboard. McPheters’ company, Holotouch of Connecticut, has begun licensing its technology and expects to see ‘touchless’ kiosks begin appearing (no pun intended) in the New York City metropolitan area next year, according to The New York Times [free registration site].

The Difference Between MMS and SMS

For publishers and broadcasters, what’s the cogent difference between SMS and MMS? “With SMS it’s hard to differentiate and create a premium product,” Sky Sports’ Head of Enterprises Stephen Nuttall tells New Media Age. “With MMS we can provide audio and pictures, such as post-match interviews.”