Why Banner Ads Don't Work

BBC World Service’s commentator Bill Thompson muses about why online advertising is so unmemorable. “I suspect nobody reading this will be able to recall a single web advert or campaign. They just don’t seem to stick in the mind.”

'Do Not Call' Lists Will Hurt U.S. Newspapers' Circulations

The U.S. federal government’s and states’ new ‘Do Not Call’ anti-telemarketing registries might be disastrous for the American newspaper industry, which Editor & Publisher magazines says uses telemarketing to generate 39 percent of all new subscriptions. When you consider that the average newspaper already loses roughly 20 to 50 percent of its subscriptions to churn each year, losing 39 percent of the replacements could be devastating. The health of print newspapers is important for online newspapers because most online newspapers aren’t profitable and depend upon subsidies from print operations.

Get Senior Executives to Use It

After Editor & Publisher Magazine’s Steve Outing wrote a Web site column today about how newspapers need to do more to attract college-aged readers, 22 year-old online newspaper whiz-kid Adrian Holovaty replied in his own blog that what newspapers really need to do is to “hire young people.” We think that hiring the young is OK. But if you really want to change the industry, force the fiftysomething to sixtysomething guys who run the newspaper industry to spend a week reading the news only the way that their sons and daughters do — online. I believe that communications historians of […]

Hong Kong Now World Broadband Capital

Nielsen/Netratings reports that Hong Kong, with more than one million of its 2.4 million Internet users on broadband connections, is the city with the highest per capital broadband use, according to a story (paid-access web site) in the South China Morning Post. Broadband connections can be had for as little as HK$198 (US$25) per month in Hong Kong. The newspaper reports that the Geneva-based International Telecommunications Union predicts that nearly all Internet connections in the city will be broadband within two years. South Korea, with 73% of its population on broadband, is the country with the highest per capital broadband […]

Dismal Year for British National Newspapers

Only two of the 10 British national dailies gained circulation during the past 12 months. The Times dropped by over 10% to 631,653. The Daily Telegraph‘s circulation fell 8.8% to 915,206. The Guardian dropped 2.94% to 387,188. And the Financial Times lost 2.37% to 463,160 compared. the Independent‘s circulation fell 2.13 to 220,112. The Sunday publication Business was the only broadsheet daily to gain circulation, rising by a seemingly impressive 14%, although this was dimmed somewhat by the high number of foreign sales and the fact that nearly 30,000 of the paper’s UK sales were bulk giveaways. Among the tabloids, […]

NetMedia 2003 Conference

“Leading figures from the world’s online journalism community gathered in Barcelona this week for the ninth annual NetMedia conference on digital journalism,” Journalism.co.uk reported about last week’s NetMedia 2003 Conference in Barcelona. Around 200 journalists, students and publishing professionals from across Europe and the U.S. met at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra on July 3rd for the one-day conference. Its them this year was Making Online Digital Media Pay Its Way. Marilo Ruiz de Elvira of El Pais; Mary Mangan, formerly of Ireland.com; Tracy Corrigan of FT.com; Peter Vandermeersch of De Standaard of Brussels; Gumersindo Lafuente of El Mundo; and Eduard […]

NetMedia 2003 Awards

BBC News Online won eight of 21 awards presented at the NetMedia 2003 Online Journalism Awards in Barcelona last week. Among the BBC’s awards was Lifetime Achievement to Mike Smartt, editor-in-chief of BCC News Online. Vincent Landon, science correspondent for Swiss Radio International, won the Internet Journalist of the Year award for his story of how malaria continues to devastate children in the third world. LaMalla.net, a Spanish news portal, won the Best Overall Journalism Service award. In a first for student journalists, two from the Danish School of Journalism won the Best Use of Multimedia award. Transitions Online from […]