Satellite Newspapers Licenses New American Subsidiary

One of the oldest vendors of digital edition technologies hasn’t strongly penetrated the American market, but hopes a reorganization announced earlier this week will change that. PEPC Worldwide of The Hague, which earlier this month changed its name to Satellite Newspapers, manufactures and operates vending machines that can print on-demand consumers’ choices of 122 daily newspapers from 50 countries. It’s installed 115 of these machines worldwide, primarily in hotels, resorts, airports, and corporate headquarters, but only 47 of the machines are in the Western Hemisphere and only 24 in the US. To accelerate its Western Hemisphere sales efforts, SN today […]

Garcia Predicts Broadsheets Will Become Smaller Sized

Broadsheet newspapers are large, much larger than handheld electronic devices such as Tablets PCs. So, won’t broadsheets be unreadable when shrunk onto those devices’ displays? No, what makes you assume that broadsheets will stay broad in the future? “I wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of newspapers became tabloid-sized, even A4-sized – and within my lifetime,” says Dr. Mario Garcia, an affiliate member of the Poynter Institute faculty and a world renown expert on newspaper design. Garcia has recently redesigned The Wall Street Journal, Miami Herald, Die Zeit, Handelsblatt, Liberation, and The Hindustan Times, and make his prediction about newspaper […]

Welcome to WiFi Niue!

The South Pacific island of Niue on Monday become the world’s first nation to provide free wireless Internet access to its entire population. Located east of Tonga in the Cook Island archipelago and formerly known as Savage Island, Niue is approximately 1.5-times the size of Washington, D.C., but with a population of only 1,700 people. Among the world’s smallest self-governing nations, it supports itself by selling passion fruit, lime oil, coconut cream, and postage stamps, plus gets economic aid from New Zealand. Despite their tiny population and economy, Nineuans operate a TV station and AM and FM radio stations and […]

New Google Toolbar Blocks Pop-Up Windows

The ability to block pop-up and pop-under ads, integrate with Blogger, and automatically fill out frequently used forms are three new features that Google released today in a new beta version of its popular toolbar for Internet Explorer. Users who download the toolbar into their Internet Explorer software can set it to block all pop-up and pop-under windows or only those from certain sites. The feature blocks advertising and editorial pop-up windows and will probably cause concern among the many major news sites, such as, that regularly utilize advertising pop-up windows or other sites that use Javascript pop-up windows […]

UK's GMTV Launches Commercial MMS Services

GMTV — which promotes itself as ‘Britain’s Biggest Breakfast Show’ — has launched what NewMediaAge describes as the UK’s first commercial Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS) that circumvent UK mobile network carriers’ ‘walled gardens’ business models and delivers content directly to mobile phone users. Thrice weekly, GMTV viewers who register for the service receive messages from GMTV’s Summer Food program. Each MMS message containing four images and the full texts of five different recipes, along with cooking tips and information. Although each messages also contains an ad from GMTV sponsor Carex biopharmaceuticals, it also costs the user 25 pence, billed to […]

Boston Webcaster Streams to Phones; Nokia and SonyEriccson to MP3

Boston Webcaster RadioStorm has begun streaming its music to mobile phone users. The Radio and Internet Newsletter reports that 20,000 to 30,000 mobile phone users are “dialing in” each month. Because that streaming costs users the same as voice calls, most users are dialing in during nights and weekends when their mobile phone networks offer mobile phone time for free. Meanwhile, Europemedia reports that both Nokia and SonyEriccson have acquired licenses to offer MP3 music through their mobile phones. The licenses

Newspaper Web Sites Are Cannibalizing Print

Newspaper Web sites are beginning to cause some cannibalization of print editions, according to Belden Associates‘ Spring 2003 survey of newspaper Web site users. Although Belden’s earlier quarterly surveys had reported that newspaper sites had no net affect on print subscriptions and had slightly increased single-copy sales, the latest survey reports net losses. Surveying 8,801 newspaper Web site users, Belden found that 4% started a print subscription but another 6% stopped subscriptions, and among those who’ve never subscribed, 8% are buying more single copies in print but 12% are buying less. When Belden counted only the users who live within […]

QuickTime Panoramas

Three of the best collections of QuickTime panoramas we’ve ever seen are at, and Virtual Guidebooks (the latter by Don Bain, a pioneer of Internet virtual panoramas).’s images are full-screen, many with audio.

Patent Gadfly Drops Lawsuits Against Newspaper Web Sites

Patent gadfly Paul C. Heckel has dropped his lawsuits against many small U.S. newspapers that operate Web sites. Heckel claims to own the a U.S. patent for displaying an abstract of a story online with a link to the full story, a patent that pre-dates the invention of the Internet’s World Wide Web. Heckels told Editor & Publisher magazine that he might later reinstate his lawsuits.

Tacoda Will Probably Be U.S. Newspaper Site Registration Standard

For several years, the Associated Press and the Newspaper Association of America have each pondered whether or not to develop a standard registration scheme for American newspaper Web sites. A standard registration scheme would allow a consumer who registers to use one newspaper Web site to then automatically be able to use all others without having to register on each of those individually. The concept was first proposed by New Century Network consortium of newspapers, which folded in 1998. However, we at Digital Deliverance now believe that the AP and NAA have waited too long to make a decision. If […]